Tricia BamseyPSYCHIC EVENINGS: Invite Friends and Relatives to join you in your own Psychic evening, link up with the Spirit World, receive messages and learn how to give a reading yourself. Tution by Tricia Bamsey, working with cards and colour...


MEDIUMSHIP READINGS: Hear from the spirit world whether its family or friends.   Proof there is life after death. 

SPIRITUAL COUNSELLING: Has the inner you become lost and needs to be found?  Emphasis is on you helping you with spirit by your side. Let me guide you with the help of the Spirit World..

MEDITATION: Learn the art of being calm, less stressed and balanced through meditation. 

HEALING: Helps the body, mind and spirit to be one. 

CRYSTALS: Learn how beautiful they are and how to use them whether it is for healing or meditation.

SPIRITUAL & PSYCHIC READINGS, CARDS, COLOUR, RIBBON READINGS: You choose the reading or let the Spirit World choose, but you choose the pathway you need to tread.